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Computer Vision Datasets

1-Background/Foreground Separation

CDW 2012/2014 Change Detection Dataset (Univ. Sherbrooke, Canada)

BMC 2012 Background Models Challenge Dataset (Univ. Puy en Velay, France)

Stuttgart Artificial Background Subtraction Dataset ( Univ. Stuttgart, Germany)


2-Background Initialization (Robust Matrix Completion)

Scene Background Initialization (SBI) Dataset (CNR, Italy)

SBMnet 2016 Dataset (CNR, Italy)

SBM-RGBD Dataset (CNR, Italy)

3-Face Recognition

CMU Face Database (Canergie Mellon University, USA)

ORL Database of Faces (Cambridge University Engineering Department, USA)

Yale Face Database (University of Califonia, San Diego, USA)

4-Structure for Motion

3D human face data

5-Motion Estimation

The KITTI Vision Benchmark Suite

6-Hyperspectral Image and Video Processing

Hyperspectral Data Sample (SpecTIR, USA)

Hyperspectral Image Data (Stanford Center for Image Systems Engineering, SCIEN, USA)